CalArts is committed to treating all members of the community with dignity, empathy and respect. Any individual who is affected by discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct—whether as a complainant, a respondent, or a third party—will have equal access to support and counseling services through the Institute.

日本特黄特色大片免费视频_人人超人人超碰超国产Through educational opportunities and trainings throughout the Institute, students are encouraged to continue their education on issues that directly affect them and their community. Below you will find additional resources on interpersonal violence.

Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits excluding an individual from participating in educational programs and activities based on that person’s sex, gender identity and expression, and sexual orientation. Sexual and gender-based harassment (including sexual assault and rape) are forms of such discrimination.

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If you have questions about interpersonal violence or how to report, or are interested in knowing more, contact Maria-Victoria Perez at