on Monday, Sept. 30.

日本特黄特色大片免费视频_人人超人人超碰超国产The CalArts community has spent the last year listening and assessing internal and external perspectives. The Opportunity Assessment is a future-focused, insight-driven summary of the greatest opportunities for CalArts, presenting the many possibilities for future impact and growth, as well as the potential challenges facing the Institute today.

日本特黄特色大片免费视频_人人超人人超碰超国产The report provides a comprehensive synthesis of the research, discussions and community engagement conducted, providing a powerful record of the experiences and aspirations of the CalArts community. Alongside external research, community-driven ideation forms the crux of this report, defining the greatest opportunities and issues that lie ahead.

Please take the time to read the report and its findings.

Participate in Strategic Visioning 

As the Strategic Visioning Project continues, the participation of the CalArts community remains invaluable and essential. There are two upcoming opportunities to participate in the next stages of the Strategic Visioning Project:

  • (with President Ravi Rajan) on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 5 pm in the Main Gallery

    • CalArts is re-envisioning its Mission and Values as a part of the developing Strategic Framework. At this meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to see and reflect upon CalArts' renewed Mission and offer feedback.

  • 日本特黄特色大片免费视频_人人超人人超碰超国产Strategic Visioning Survey (to be released in early October)

    • 日本特黄特色大片免费视频_人人超人人超碰超国产Keep your eyes open for an email from our independent research partner, Slover Linett Audience Research, inviting the entire CalArts community to participate in this survey online. Participants have a chance to enter into a drawing to win Visa gift cards!