Wednesday, March 25, 8:30 pm
Thursday, March 26, 8:30 pm
Friday, March 27, 8:30 pm
Saturday, March 28, 8:30 pm
Sunday, March 29, 3 pm

World Premiere

Presented as part of The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Series

Cleverly pulling a deconstructed narrative from Hansel & Gretel and jumpscares from horror movies, Sugar Houses by celebrated choreographer Rosanna Gamson continues her kinetic investigation of ferocious and virtuosic physicality, evoking the grotesquery and violence of fairy tales and the primal bond of siblings. Sugar Houses uses the Grimms’ tale and historical texts wrapped in the devices and structure of the horror genre to expose hidden histories, the real-world dynamics of scapegoating, antisemitism, and the complexity and complicity  of looking the other way. Performed by six singer/dancer/actors, Sugar Houses 日本特黄特色大片免费视频_人人超人人超碰超国产responds to the everydayness of hate-fueled incidents in the new normal. The performers hauntingly light themselves and each other and scribe chalk drawings, writings, and erasures, transforming REDCAT throughout the performance. Traditional American songs arranged by Fahad Siadat and Tomasz Krzyzanowski and witches’ spells by famed horror writer Brian Evenson are performed by the performers, with live sonic sampling by Simon Greenberg.