The Office of Alumnx and Family Engagement engages, encourages, and empowers alumnx to support their professional and personal paths, connecting them to the Institute and to a network of other CalArtians. 

Guided by the Institute’s mission, we build community, volunteerism, support, and commitment to CalArts. We celebrate and honor alumnx as they blaze trails and pathways across the arts and the world.


The Office of Alumnx & Family Engagement works with dedicated alumnx volunteers to:

  • Serve and support alumnx with professional, personal, and artistic programming, resources, dialogue, and access, enabling them to improve, invent, incubate, experiment, and share their work.
  • Honor, celebrate, and support alumnx.
  • Strengthen a creative, collaborative, inclusive, diverse community via respectful, transparent, and compassionate communication and relationships.


A gender neutral term inspired by Latinx and Mx.; in lieu of gendered Latin alumnus, alumna, alumni, and alumnae

Noun, Adjective

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